Long range Dash-8?


Was watching the flights passing overhead tonight and this caught my eye. Had to be pushing the range on it, which Wiki puts at around 1500 miles for a 400.

flightaware.com/live/flight/QXE8 … /KPDX/KRFD


Direct: 1,673 sm ---- Planned: 1,698 sm

Range for series 400: 1,567SM

How high do they need to be to glide 100+ miles?

Hmmm :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice tailwind? I see the flight operated westbound last week with a stop in Billings.


What was this flight ? A charter obviously but for whom ?


Who would want to spend 4+ hours in a Dash-8?


somebody who needed to get from point A to point B. . ? :stuck_out_tongue:


US special forces for one.
They are a great special mission platform for both remote sensing and insertion.
Plus the blend in and don’t stand out sitting on the ramp in say, Greece or Burkina Faso like a Herk would.


the Dash 8 flights to RFD are for maintenance I believe. They have a maintenance contractor at RFD. It can only make it eastbound w/ the tailwind and it is flying empty as well. Return usually stops in Billings or Boise.


You are correct, sir. Some kind of modification/upgrade apparently: rrstar.com/businessrockford/ … n-Rockford