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London Heathrow to Calgary / Calgary to London Heathrow

Hi All,

Newbie post!

I’m flying tomorrow on AC851 London to Calgary at 11:00am, lands in Calgary at 1pm Canadian time.
I was wondering if the entire flight is in daylight?

Also same question for the return (Calgary to London) leaves Canada at 6:30pm, lands London 10am.

Thanks all

Sit back and think about this and you’ll be able to figure out your own question. You’re heading west. What appears to go that direction during the day? (Hint? It’s big and yellow.) If you are flying toward it and you leave at 11 a.m. and arrive at 1 p.m. do you think this yellow thing will leave the sky prior to you landing?

Now you’re flying away from that yellow thing because you are going east. You arrive in the morning. You leave in the evening. What comes between evening and morning? (Hint: you can often see little dots of lights during this time.)