login credentials denied



We are trying to get ADS-B feed via SSL Connection using following commands
But we are getting error “Login credentials denied: myshipmentmgx”

  1. live version 5.0 user myshipmentmgx password ******** events " + “”"+ “flightplan” + “”

We used our API key in place of password

Please help to resolve the issue



Can you retry? Your API key appeared to have been disabled but should be back online.



I am getting an error after reactivation of my api although i am using the same code and command
The error goes like “Error: can’t read “::userOptions(allowed-events)”: no such variable”

Please suggest on this issue



Your firehose account should be enabled again. Be advised that it currently will expire on 2016-11-13. Please contact Max around that time to discuss your next plans. Thanks.


Max told us he enabled our firehose account in reply to our mail to him, can you please check why our account is still disabled.

Thanks in advance


Did you actually retry the connection after my reply yesterday? As I mentioned, your firehose account was disabled and I had to re-enable it.