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Location shows as San Jose instead of Dallas

Just activated PiAware receiver and it is tracking multiple planes in DFW area. My location shows as San Jose instead of Dallas and when I try to update location it says too far away away from previous known location. In addition it shows everything but PiAware instead PiAware. I try to reactivate and it says already linked. Thanks for your assistance.

Discovered same thing… ironically, my corporate VPN was up at the time i registered and their nearest airport is, indeed, SJC. Now I can’t change it either…

Just setup mine. I am in Florida and it shows Dallas. It will not accept my coordinates.

This is a bug that was introduced last night…working on it now.

I was bored and had the time… creeped across the country a 1.5 degrees at a time… and made it home… lol…

I’ve tried changing my incorrect location several times today, but it keeps reverting to the incorrect spot after I log back in.

Mine tends to “wander” as well. Within 20 miles of my actual location but it changes…

Sorry, we’ll have it fixed this week so your adjustments stick.

I’ve gotta say… I’m new to this community, but I’ve never had such quick direct response to website issues. Bravo guys!

Corrected my position earlier today and it’s already reverted to the wrong position again, approximately 45NM SSE of where it should be.