Locating the Pilot of a Crop Duster


So… Well, My Folks took a trip From Maine to California via cross country, and along the way, they ran across a Crop duster flying real low. They stopped to take some pictures and the pilot obviously noticed and decided to put on a show for them. My folks ended up driving on down the road, and the duster continued to follow them, or “pace” them. They got several great pictures of the plane including the Tail Number. With this information (Tail Number), is it possible to locate the name of the pilot? My folks wish to send him a well deserved “Thanks” for the show this duster provided to them.
Tail Number: NG741Q


Were they in Misery?



Thanks, I eventually ended up finding it myself, after I realized that the “G” was a “6”…
I am obviously not a novice at this kind of thing… :blush: