loading pictures to an aircraft

why can’t I upload a picture to KCE1?

KCE1 is not a registration.

KCE1 is owned by a private company and it is always the same aircraft that carries “KCE1”. Is there any way that I can upload a picture to it?

I haven’t uploaded any photos yet, but can’t you just leave the registration portion off the tags info blank and just put in the aircraft type and owner?

Because it’s using a call sign, you may need to upload it with the actual aircraft registration. Then, you can enter the call sign (without the 1?) in the appropriate space.

It’s my understanding that the pictures on the flight tracking pages are currently shown by registration number.

In the future will be the ability to show a picture of the aircraft operating a flight that is assigned a 3 letter code. For example, if AAL1 is operated by a 767 then a 767 of American Airlines would be shown but not necessarily the 767 with the registration that is operating the flight. Same thing with KCE. It would show a Dassault Mystere 50 if the picture was uploaded and marked in the operator field as KCE (not KCE1).

Now that what I’ve written is clear as mud, can anyone let me know if I’m right? :smiley:

The registration appears to be CGKCI and the photo should be tagged with that.

Also tag it with the airline code and type and it will appear on the KCE1 page in the future.

When I search the Flight/tail for CGKCI, nothing comes up. They also have CGJDI and it also doesn’t come up. Now CFMFL comes up but I can’t upload

The aircraft has probably not flown under its registration so it doesn’t have a page. The current system may be limited to N-number registrations only.

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I’ve uploaded a couple of pictures where the aircraft registration was unknown so I just put a very short description where it asks for A/C reg.

Does anyone know if it is limited to N-number registrations?

I’ve put in 2 non US registrations with no problem.

The developers say it will accept anything as the registration and the registration field isn’t available until after you’ve uploaded the photo. Can you explain what problem you’re having?

When I track CFMFL, usually there a picture next to the name where you can upload a picture of the aircraft. CFMFL doesn’t have this option.

Upload your photo on flightaware.com/photos/upload.rvt then tag it with the registration.

Go Here and Upload a file from your computer


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