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LNA or no LNA

That is about the distance @vk5mw is receiving.

That site differentiate LOS and Radio Horizon where the Radio horizon - Service range (dr) is significantly longer than Line of Sight distance (dl)


Little busy today. Perhaps i shouldn’t mess with anything. FR24 logged my max range today @ 251NM

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Yes, you are pretty much at the max. No breaks in the lines also indicate no overloading or physical obstacles.
Maybe you can post a pic of your antenna and surroundings, just for the curious people?

PS: For a plane at 43000 ft, the calculated distance becomes 471 km = 254 NM. Sure that’s more like for a Gulfstream type of plane, but it can happen for commercial ones too.

Have a fold down mast that I extended to ensure it is well clear of the roof line. In the left of the pic you can see my home made cantenna but was lacking range (180nm) and un-reliable. Very basic antenna with coax braid bonded to the base of a coke can leaving 69mm of center conductor exposed. Got me receiving ok to get started i guess.


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Yellow curve = aircrafts at 10,000 feet elevation
Blue curve = aircrafts at 45,000 feet elevation

Location of antenna = -30.57, 136.91
Height of antenna above ground = 30 feet (=411feet above sea)

Sorry for the delayed reply. I tried the bias T and LNA but ended with fairly poor peformance even with the aircraft at altitude inside the yellow circle. My assumption is that the noise level was way too high. Going to settle with the performance I have without them.

Currently in test mode testing 2 things. Firstly comparing 2 fiberglass antennas. One at 5.5dBi and the other claiming to be 9dBi. Secondly i’m testing the reliability of the battery setup with the solar panel. Might be a little borderline but time will tell.

Which LNA?

I’ve read of one case of the rtl-sdr filtered LNA being back to front so you had to connect it reversed.
(sticker was placed in the wrong orientation)

Also if you got the unfiltered LNA, poor performance is expected.
Feel free to show the components on pictures, me or someone else is gonna take a look.

This is the one I tried and removed. I also had a realisation that my problem may have been overload as im using the Prostick Plus which has an amp in it. Slight oversight on my part.

Also got this one laying about

rtl-sdr LNA is known quality. (if you got it from orignal seller, but don’t think there are knockoffs of that)

The thing above i wouldn’t trust :slight_smile:

While the ProStick+ will overload if you don’t set the gain around 0 to 8, it normally doesn’t cut the range.

I have access to some test gear at work. Out of curiosity I might give it a sweep

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