LLON ASDI Flight Info


Hi FlightAware,
Would it be possible to include the following flight info from the LLON center ASDI feed.

  1. Departure Airport
  2. Arrival Airport
  3. ICAO Aircraft Type
    So for example i would input flight number GTI2935 into flight tracker, and get Departure/Arrival Airport & ICAO aircraft type details.
    Last week i saw fly over LHR at High Level westbound i.e. FL300 GTI2935 a B747-400 cargo but i had no idea where this flight had departed from or going to.

Please can FlightAware look into providing the above info only from the LLON ASDI.



The London ASDI data is restricted to distribution to operators only.


Thank you for your reply mduell.
Do you know which organisation i can contact in the UK regarding the LLON matter?


The London live ASDI flight tracking i understand is for class 1 users.
But could you discuss with the UK Authorities who ever they are to allow Flightaware to show the following flight info which comes with the London ASDI for any given flight.

  1. ICAO Departure Airport
  2. ICAO Arrival Airport
  3. ICAO Aircraft Type

For example i could input LOT041 into your TRACK FLIGHT box and get the following info


I used these 2 examples to show that airlines do operate different equipment to the published on some flights.
This live flight info is in the LLON ASDI, and this is where i would hope Flightaware could talk to the UK Authorites about.

Thank You