Live updating stats & custom commands



I have two feature requests, both related to the ADS-B feeder stats page:

  1. It’d be nice if stats were updated “live” (either in real-time or periodically, such as every 10-15 seconds). Currently the page automatically reloads every 15 minutes, or one can reload the page. It’d be nice to see things update more frequently and without user interaction required. Perhaps have some prompt for user presence every now and again (every hour?) so that idle browsers aren’t needlessly consuming resources?

  2. The pull-down menu to send commands to a PiAware system is very handy for remotely rebooting my Pi, as well as doing other administrative tasks (like upgrading PiAware, dump1090, etc.). It would be nice if one could execute a custom command rather than only the pre-configured stock commands. For example, one of my Pi feeders is on a remote network behind a stateful firewall that doesn’t allow incoming connections. I have it setup to make and maintain an SSH connection to a system I control and have it open a reverse tunnel back to the Pi so I can remotely SSH into it. Occasionally this SSH connection fails and it’d be nice to be able to enter the command to kill and restart the SSH connection. Alternatively, it would be nice if I could use the PiAware stats menu interface to command the Pi to initiate the outbound SSH connection on demand so that it wouldn’t need to maintain the SSH link all the time.