Link Incorrect


AAL2457 MD82 Los Angeles Intl (KLAX) 16:15 CDT 17:17 PDT
This flight on main page is scheduled for KLAX, but clicking on (underlined) flight link points to KTUL!?


The link is correct. AAL 2457 flies from KTUL to KDFW then to KLAX, so they can advertise as ‘direct’ service from KTUL to KLAX. The KDFW-KLAX leg has not departed yet (you can see it listed in the Activity Log as scheduled), so the page shows the last flight, which was KTUL-KDFW.


The flight operates TUL-DFW-LAX. Today’s (20 Oct), the DFW-LAX hasn’t left yet so the latest flight you can click on is the TUL-DFW segment.


Sorry my bad, Thank you for the Explanation. That’s a newby for you!