Lines off of winglets

What are the white lines that often form on the winglets of aircraft and trail backwords (not the contrails).?

Are you talking about during landing in humid or foggy weather?

It’s the moist air causing condensation due to the rapid change in pressure next to the flap.

I mean during takeoff of during flight and when the plane turns.

Are you talking about THIS?

Anytime you decrease the pressure of air enough, you cause the condensation trail to form. Wingtips have the tendency to do this regardless of the altitude of vehicle.


rotary wing

fixed wing

more fixed wing

i think he means these lines…
and i dont know what they are there for.

Chemtrails, you’ve been warned…

Ok, I’ll bite, MeekRN, are you TRYING to write stupid answers to everything posted on these boards?

  1. WRONG!! Don’t try again.

  2. They are typically used as “angle finders” for aerobatics. Friend of mine used to fly a Pitts and used them against the horizon for angles on vertical climbs, etc.


That plane does not have winglets.

Here’s a cool image!

Wow! Awesome picture. :slight_smile:

They are called Wing Vortices…

They are more commonly found on non-winglet aircraft such as the Boeing 737-300…

They can also appear on Props and helicopter blades…

Yes. Thank you. I have not seen that diagram before.

Thats a great picture. I only seen that once and that was from a C17 but i couldn’t get my camera out in time.

What I find cool about it is seeing 3-5 different places that the disturbed air creates clouds:

  • Top of the wing, in the same low-pressure region that provides the lift.
  • Vortices at the outer end of each Fowler flap
  • Little bitty wing tip vortex on port side (your right)
  • Two strange skinny ones trailing down, maybe from the horizontal stabilizers??? (They’re stretching the wrong direction, but they still gotta be from the AC, right?)
  • Ferocious looking horizontal twister about 200 yd behind the plane, on the port side.

Clearly this air was 99% saturated and just itching to get condensed at the slightest provocation.

That’s the kind of shot photographers always want to get! But never will. But, why not keep trying?

You never want to forget the camera. If you do forget, you see something you want to take a picture of. Always happens to me.

I like this one.