Has anyone been follwing the issue with LightSquared and their proposal to setup 40,000 cell phone towers across the US and broadcasting on the GPS frequency. You need to find out what is going to happen to our GPS Systems if it implemented. Below is link to research this subjet. If this gets implemented as designed our GPS systems will be inoperative.


I wouldn’t worry too much about it. The gubmint ain’t gonna let anything interfere with GPS!

LightSquared asked the FCC why it needs to change its operations when the GPS interference problem clearly resides with an irresponsible GPS industry that is only interested in “squatting for free on someone else’s licensed spectrum.”


[LightSquared] received conditional approval [to create a nationwide satellite-based voice and Internet data service] from the FCC in January **as long as **the company could show that its operations wouldn’t interfere with existing GPS systems

DUH!!! :unamused:



LightSquared is sort of getting screwed here. They bought some spectrum and their hardware does not leak into the GPS band. But too many GPS receivers are looking for signals outside of the GPS band, including into LS’s spectrum.

This is the best image I’ve seen yet depicting the problem:


I’m all for giving them a refund.