Lightning detection

Okay, I am throwing this out to all the knowledge I know is within FA. IF you work at an airport, fly…or HAVE in the past and have knowledge of your airport policy as it partains to ramp closure due to lightning in the area, I would really like some input. Yes, the obvious is going to come up “If there is a storm go inside”. I get that, I am just trying to gather as much input as I can to try and help best protect myself and my coworkers. Lastly, yes, we do have a company policy and yes I am aware of what our policy is :wink: Just trying to enhance and educate. Thank you all, I look forward to hearing responses.

We don’t specifically have a procedure on ramp workers, but all fueling operations are halted if lightning is in the vicinity. We also tend to stay off the airfield during lightning events, just because the idea of being the tallest object in the middle of a flat field just doesn’t seem appealing.

Nothing too specific to ad, but I have heard policies regarding fueling and lightning ranging from as little as one mile to as much as 5 miles. 2 to 3 seems to be the norm, it also depends on whether it looks like the storm will miss your location or go overhead.
In my travels it seems like a lot of FBO’s don’t seem to think about throwing extra chocks on aircraft or moving ground equipment out of the way before the storm hits.

Depending on the level of storm we are expecting, our ops guys will drive the ramp areas ensuring all aircraft are properly tied down, hangar doors are gust locked, and ensure the airport is secure in the event of a high wind situation.