Lifespan of dead flightplans

Just wondering how long a flight will be listed if the flight is not going happen today. This morning we were supposed to get FLE574 here at CYOW but it suffered some damage during ops in CYEG. The segments from CYEG to CYHM and CYHM to CYOW were effectively cancelled (the aircraft was ferried to a maintenance base). On the CYOW screen in the “Enroute” list it still shows the flight as active but delayed. How long will it show this info if the flight will never actually occur today?

They’ll automatically be removed after 24 hours, or sooner if ATC sends us a cancellation message.

I think waiting 24 hours is way too long. In the case of airline flights you end up with todays scheduled flight and yesterdays non-op flight being listed together, kind of confusing and a waste of space. 6 hours is plenty IMHO.


I’d have to agree with that…to see a flight there for 24 hours when perhaps 4 or 5 hours before sched departure time the flight was already known to be cancelled makes for clutter and perhaps misinformation. I gotta say I liked it much better before this “improvement” was implemented.