LF03 near huntsville


Hey I’m new here, and have no clue what half of this means. I live on a military base and was shocked to see the amount of traffic in and out of here that doesn’t show up. Any ways, I know the flight path for the macon echo run (f15) and I’ve yet to see it show up. Same for the E8 C jstars. I have found an aircraft that keeps showing up, LF03. The only thing I could find on it from Google was the minuteman middle from Vandenberg afb. I last saw it around red stone arsenal in alabama. What is this exactly?


Most of the traffic that is monitored is Civil,most military is not tracked for security reasons on common tracking sites, however with systems at home you can monitor all kinds of stuff including military.As for LF03,LIFE FLITE 03 Medical Chopper on a Air Evac Mission.


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