Legality on Computer Printed Enroute Charts


Unfortunately I am unable to aquire the needed enroute charts for a flight this weekend, so I was hoping to download the enroute chart I needed from SkySectionals offers current charts for purchase via computer download. You can then print them out on a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 computer paper at 90% scale. Their FAQ section says they acquire the charts from FAA/NACO (the same facility which releases the new ones.

Are there any FARs against using these instead of the traditional charts? I know FAR 91.103 states all pilots must “concern” themselves with all information regarding the flight, but it seems subjective to wether or not this encompasses having the original chart from FAA/NACO.


It’s legal. It’s the same principle as printing procedural charts from Jeppview. Just verify the currency of the downloaded chart before you use it.