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Legal in France?


I see many recipients in European countries, but only a few in France. Is it not allowed to receive or publish ADS-B there?

vy 73

There are 363 feeders in France, if it were illegal, I doubt there would be that many.

/edit - In fact, it’s in the top ten of countries in the world for number of feeders.

At least this is not french :wink:


My high school German teacher didn’t teach us that word, but Wiki is spot-on though:

I think this was discussed recently here. It’s not illegal, but they have their own. And probably, in a typical fashion, the French hate every website that is in English or German language :rofl:

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A france based company also has their own website and network of ADS-B feeders. “RadarVirtual”
Myself and a number of other Canadian’s have arranged to share our ADS-D data with RadarVirtual in the same way many others shared data with “the list” of the many other ADS-B sites.

For sure he did not.

Moin is meanwhile used all over germany, not only in the northern part where it originally came from.
Most of the non north-german people use it as short version of “good morning”

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Thanks for all the answers.

First of all: Yes, “Moin” is often used in northern Germany to say “Hello”. I’m not “nordish by nature”, but many years ago I had a friend in Hamburg - so it happened that I also said Moin even though I live in Munich.
Regarding ADS-B in France: I will then connect my ADS-B receiver in the Beaujolais. It receives from Dijon to Marseille.

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