Legacy Routes and New Routes


How do you read a route in legacy format, such as the following:

Also, how would one convert this to the new format such as this:


If I understand the question the first is read as San Francisco then ./. I assume means they left the departure up to the ATC computer to assign then to the Delta VOR 246 degree radial at 70 miles direct Delta then Jet Route 148 to Mason City direct Northbrook direct Ohare. One dot separates a fix from a route, two dots means direct.

The new format looks like they just use one dot whether it is “direct to” or a fix to a route or vice versa.


Thats my wild guess for the day.


I think the “./.” indicates that the route was truncated for ATC purposes (like that section was already flown).

The full routing would have the SID from SFO in it along with the transition point.


damiross is correct. DTA246070 looks like a point where a center computer started tracking the flight (It probably wasn’t actually filed in the flight plan - just a point in space put in by the computer) Everything after that is the rest of the flight plan.

Also . . . 1 dot is used to deparate unlike like elements and 2 dots are used to separate like elements. Two fixes, two airways, etc… would have 2 dots between them, but fix, airway, fix would have 1 dot.


Ah, so you guys think this is a flight that already happened and we are looking at the resulting actual flight. OK, I can see that. Back to my original thought; filing a SID is not mandatory, that’s why I thought the original flight plan had ./. before the rad/dist point. Admittedly a bit strange but I’ve seen worse flight planning here.


Thanks a lot. That helped a lot.