LED missing

Can I add the LED back to the flightaware dongle,I use a long length cable,I would like to see visual it is powered up.
I saw somewhere a picture of the board with the missing LED,any help on this?

The LEDs have proven to be very unreliable and caused many false positives so they were removed to avoid ambiguity of if the device was powered or not.

OK,question is,can a led be reinstalled? Just asking before I open it up.

i would expect so, its easy to leave of a component you don’t generally redesign a PCB for that alone.

For sure,would have been nice if one of the Staff would have come forward with this info.

It’s very rare that a company will state appropriate ways to modify hardware that they sell. If you want to add one, you try. It’s not their job to hold your hand when hacking their hardware. If you can solder, then you should be able to tell if it will work. Rocket science, it is not.

ok,no need to be harsh…sheesh