Learjet incident at KSPI


Learjet hard landing w/ fire at KSPI


Permalink to flight: flightaware.com/live/flight/PWA8 … /KMDW/KSPI

Aircraft: flightaware.com/resources/registration/N800GP


I’d say a crash landing, not a hard landing!!! I’m not sure about the landing part!!

Aircraft is written off, lost a tip tank and an engine, and the landing gear!!!
A small fire was put out by 183rd Fighter Wing fire crew. Both pilots received minor back injuries, and the four passengers were uninjured.


whoa! I’ve not seen the first photo w/ the 183rd hangar in the background! That gives me the scale as to where he was. He is a few 100 ft off of 4/22 …
but he IS right in front of the airport fire dept!


To bad too, that was nice paint job.