LAX Expansion

I have looked at all LAX plans on expanding the airport recently. If you look at this website, it shows and talks about possible plans for the airport for the near future. What do you guys think of all the plans for LAX and what do you think needs to be done to successfully expand the airport?

to be honest, there’s not much more that can be done that wouldn’t cost some homes or some serious reconstruction.

Looking at A, Anything around Sandpiper Road would be shot to accommodate a new runway. Due to how short it would be compared to the 24s/6s, you’re looking at regional jets primarily using it, and I could guarantee you those jets needing in and out of Terminal 1 would not be happy with landing on that runway, then crossing 2 runways down at near the approach end numbers of the 6s to get in. Same with departing outbound. Noise abatement procedures would be atrocious there, with both Los Angeles, Inglewood, and Santa Monica all complaining.

Looking at B, that kills the GA ramps to the south, as well as the cargo ramps at the southwest. Moving them to the east side of the field might help, but they’re already going to tear up the job they spent 10 months on last year (moving 7R/25L 150ft south, and adding a center taxiway between the 25s). Worst of all, this might kill the Proud Bird. NOT good.

Looking at C, this looks to be the best they can do. Move 6L/24R a bit north (instead of moving 6R/24L south), add a center taxiway there. Increases capacity for the north side. TBIT gets moved to the west of the north route/south route, trams/trains underneath the field. Only drawback would be that QFA would need somewhere else on the field to store their planes while waiting out the curfews at YSSY, YBBN, and YMML.

But other than that, they’re out of room. Unless they build another airport somewhere else, or move all cargo to somewhere like KSBD so they can utilize the rest of the space there, they’re going to be pretty strapped for space.


Isn’t the link being referenced here a bit out of date?

Try noodling around on the LA World Airports page

You might find more recent plans there.

So, I took my own advice and discovered that the earlier link is basically the plan. From the LAWA master plan FAQ: