Late abort on LH3847

On my flight from Rome (dep 18:25) to Frankfurt (arr 20:25) on LH3847 on the 13th of March (Friday!!!) we had a very late abort, pilot later stated it was due to a Singapore Airlines that had not cleared the runway, can this really be the reason, and if so why was this not observed earlier?

When in Rome…

Happens every day. Move along, nothing to see here.

Define “earlier?”

It wasn’t “observed” earlier, and the go around was not started earlier, because the crew of your aircraft thought the Singapore aircraft was going to clear the runway in time. As PThomas said, happens all the time. Could be another pilot who isn’t mindful of the big picture,pilot looking for the FBO, pilot letting the aircraft roll out long to save brakes, tower spaced aircraft too close on crossing runways, or any one of a hundred other things. Nothing to get worked up about.