Last ever C-133 flight


In case no one noticed a piece of aviation history occurred this weekend at Travis AFB The last ever flight of a C-133 aircraft.
On reading the relevant chapter in Cal Taylors C-133 book. Recalling an Unsung Giant.
There was a guy called Russell P. O’Quinn a retired USAF colonel who
apparently flew some of the C-97 relief flights into Biafra ( Unclear
if this was Red Cross/Balair or Joint Church Air). He founded The
Foundation for Airborne Relief and bought 4 C-133s 40136 (N136AR)
61999 (N199AR) 62000 (N200AR) and 62001 (N201AR) in about May 1973 it was his intention to convert these to flying hospitals to respond to
international disasters they were to be supported by 4 ex USAF C-97s (
i.e. KC97s minus the refueling gear) and Sikorsky H-34 helicopters.
His plans eventually came to naught. However a limited start was made
on N200AR. Other reports also linked his organisation to 2 C-124s.
I would be delighted to hear from anyone who has the identity of his
C-97 and C-124 aircraft or indeed any C-124 aircraft which graced the
civil register at anytime.
Many thanks in anticipation.
Be lucky