Last Boeing/Douglas 717


The last 717 is going to role out soon after it gets painted in AirTran colors. It will be sad to see the Douglas plant go away. Over 3,000 aircraft were produced at that plant. I need to know when that 717 has its delivery flight!

I heard that the plant is closing after the last 717 is made but correct me if i’m wrong.


I may be wrong, but I believe the Long Beach plant will still be producing the C-17 Globemaster for the USAF until at least 2008. I know they’ve been produced here in the past, and, according to B, the AF has orders thru '08. I’ll try to find you a link on that. It IS sad to see the last 717 (and the last T-tail passenger a/c) about to roll off the line. :cry:


Yes, the C-17 will still be produced at Long Beach until '08. They were hoping to have enough orders to operate until 2012, but Defense Dept. budget cuts reduced the Air Force’s orders. Here’s the link: … rgo05.html


Sorry, I messed that link up. This should work: … rgo05.html


The C-17 and 717 plants are on different ends of the airport. I got to go on a tour of the 717 line almost two years ago, pretty cool. Other than that you know as much as I do.


According to a similar thread on (From someones posting, not from any “official” Boeing release, so take the info. w/ a grain of salt), N939AT will be delivered on 5/23.