largest aircraft that operate from...?


what are the largest aircraft that have/can operate out of:

  1. KPBI
  2. KBUR
  3. KLGB


The DC-10 and L-1011 have operated from LGB and BUR respectively (they were built there).

FDX operates A310 out of LGB while UPS uses 767 there.

FDX operates A310 and A300-600 out of BUR.


I am sure you are well aware that the L1011 was manufactured at Plant 42, Palmdale.

I took a tour of the Lockheed plant, way back when, we arrived from LAX via a Golden West Twin Otter. A senior VP of Lockheed greeted us, as the person scheduled to give us a tour had left suddenly on a sales tour.

I recall Saudi, and TWA Tristars, N1011 outside, and was told at the time the original B-1 bombers were in the Skunk Works hanger. (B-1 Bomber which was canceled, not to be confused with the B-1B Bomber).

Also, the VP who gave us the tour, had survived a crash of a Lockheed L1329 Jetstar at Burbank, after it crash landed into a field north of the airport, and gave his step by step description of the crash.

I also recall while visiting Palmdale that day, there was a Continental Boeing 720 and a Western DC-10 doing touch and goes.


I found thant out tow days ago. Until then, I thought the C-17 was the largest. Thanks for you insight


You’re right. I had a brain fart with my posting.


Air Transat would fly snow birds into PBI with either their L-1011 or A310.


Supposedly during the F-117 development at Lockheed’s Skunkworks at BUR a couple of USAF C-5 Galaxy flights were operated in the middle of the night to transport the finished aircraft to its flight test facility on the Nellis ranges in Nevada.


That must have been an interesting moment for anyone driving down Victory Blvd right then…


I have seen a 747SP operate in and out of KPBI, many years ago however.