Landing With No Engines?


As I understand out city ordnances. There are only a few flights approved for landing and/or taking off after 2300 hrs due to two neighborhoods being very close to the runway. This is not an international airport. The code for it is KMGW.

I have noticed lately some single engine aircraft and even larger dual prop’s such as some Airforce/ANG C-23 Sherpa’s landing with what sounds like they have their engines cut off. Now, keep in mind these “silent” landings have been during the day when no sound restrictions are present.

What would make the landing of some aircraft want to cut off the engines shortly before landing?
Im sure that 5-10% of the incoming flights aren’t having that much trouble!


I doubt they are actually shutting off the engines. How would they taxi to the ramp if the engines were shut off completely?

Most aircraft on a normal approach use a little bit of power, when the pilot is a few feet off the runway the throttle(s) are pulled back to idle, that might make it seem like the engines are shut off. The pilots may, from time to time, practice a steeper approach which would bring the engines closer to or even at idle when on final approach. This is especially true of military aircraft, it keeps them higher when over unfriendly territory.
I think you are hearing an aural illusion!



What John said… and some aircraft, esp turbo props aren’t very loud to start with and depending on prop settings and your angle they can be almost silent. The exception to every rule is the Piaggio Avanti which is always Super Loud!


I appreciate both your replies.
Makes a lot of sense.


Don’t be Hatin’.


I don’t see anything in the remarks information about a curfew.

What is interesting is that it says “REIL RY 36 OUT OF SERVICE INDEFLY” followed on the next line with instructions on how to activate the REIL RY 36 if the tower is closed!



From what I was told, the “curfew” isnt a local ordinance, more of a good faith agreement with the city. They try to discourage the flights late at night because of my neighborhood and one other next to the runway.

These are nice houses and all the neighbors complain about the aircraft. But I love seeing new planes come through everyday.
Besides, they knew where the airport was before they signed the deed!

As far as “REIL RY 36 OUT OF SERVICE INDEFLY” I did a google search on what that was, but didn’t find anything.
Do you mind explaining what it means?


REIL - Runway End Identification Lights, in this case for runway 36.

These are a pair of strobe lights located at the threshold of the approach end of the runway, one on either corner of the runway.

There is a link on Wikipedia, but the picture they show is entirely wrong. It is in fact a RAIL light tower (Runway Alignment Indicator Lights).


Ahhhh I know exactly what your talking about now.

Yeah, KMGW’s REIL are on very high towers because the runway ends on a cliff. So, down the line at the very last tower, it flashes right into a farm house.

I see them flash it occasionally at night, but it seems only for certain large aircraft.


The RAIL lights that “strobe” in sequence are affectionately called Rabbits (or wabbits). might help get an overview of instrument approach lighting. (not home to find the AIMS reference).

Out my way, I can request tower to turn them on my approach or as described in the NOTAM above I can turn them on by clicking my mic button a predetermined time (may be 5 or 7 clicks) using the CTAF (Common Traffic Advisory Frequency) before I get to the airport.

When I fly at night, while enroute, kinda neat to be able to identify airports in the abyss of darkness by clicking their lights on, and then turning them back off.

Just 'nuther tool in my toolkit OUTSIDE the cockpit :slight_smile: