landing fees/diversions


When planes are diverted, do they pay the landing fees at both destinations, the airport they are diverted to, and the final destination airport? … /KMSP/KDTW

The flight above was a flight from MSP to LGA. It was diverted to DTW. I do not know if it ever made its last leg, but if it did, does it pay at DTW and LGA???


The airline pays landing fees both at the diverted airport and the final destination airport. I work in airport Ops at an airport that receives hundreds of diversions a year because of our proximity to ORD and our 10,000 ft CAT II/III main runway. Each airline is billed according to landed weight and whether they use any airport facilities such as jet bridges etc. Most are simply “gas and goes” but lately some carriers are more sensitive about leaving passengers in planes on tarmacs for extended periods of time and request a jet bridge to deplane the pax during the delays.


Corporate and private only pay where they go. We see most of the times a ramp fee more than a landing fee. Most of the bigger airports have the landing fee.