Lakers team plane ditches in Iowa corn field

Good story, I had never heard that one. Hey, I wonder what happened to that DC-3 and if it’s still around?

When I first saw the title of this thread, I was wondering how I didn’t hear about a jet landing in a field yesterday. Only slightly disappointed at the actual article.

Ironic you’d post that story because I was just reading up the other day on the person who was the regular Captain on that plane at the time. Carl??, it’ll come back to me.

Seems he was sick that day, and the regular co-pilot was in charge, and a temporary co-pilot was on board. The regular Captain was ill that day, and when the story hit the news, people didn’t know if everyone had survived the crash or not.

After, they had to level out the field, and Carl took off from the field, they described the take-off as scarier than the landing.

Interesting addition to the story, it states the landing pilot took it out, but I’ll have to find this other article !!!

Haha - another near miss - from the article:

After the near miss, they turned around and followed the road back into town. Unknown to Ullman and Gifford at that time was that the townspeople below were aware of their plight and were doing what they could to help.

Thank God it wasn’t a near hit!