What ever happened to Laker Airways?


Whereas you didn’t specify which Laker Airways, and,
whereas you didn’t end your sentence with the proper punctuation mark,
therefore, I suggest you use Google to look it up.

Use the words “Laker Airways” (including the quotation marks) for the search terms.

Please note: In accordance with the wishes of Google, I didn’t say “google ‘laker airways’” but rather used Google as a noun, as the good folks at Google prefer it to be used as.


I suggest you GOOGLE IT!

I tried timing myself, and I discovered this in an amazing 5 SECONDS!

The airline made its last flight on February 6, 1982 when it went bankrupt.


Had he (forgive me, Lord, for making a verb out of “Google”) googled it, he would have also found out that there was a second Laker Airways that was based in the Bahamas. It is also no longer flying. (The web page - - no longer works, either).


Thanks damiross, thats the Laker I was talking about.


That’s why it helps to put more than six words in your first post. :wink:


Nice question mark! (See, I do notice. :smiley: )