Lack of International service at Clt

Their is a need for international transatlantic service at Clt airport…i was waiting in line at clt to check in for a flight from clt-lgw and notice a lot of people trying to rebook phl flights because weather in Phl was hindering their international connection and thought of the need for more service directly overseas from clt aside the London (Lgw), Frankurt (Fra)by usairways and Munich (Muc) that serves the airport now. Paris or Rome would be nice :wink:

I agree with you. Unfortunately, US is trying to route as much through PHL as they can now.

Your only hope is an AF service to CDG or something like that.

What you need to get is hard statistics to prove your point rather than basing the need for more European flights on a single observation.

Take a look at the Bureau of Transportation Statistics table T-100 and select download (

According to what I found, from CLT to AMS/MUC/LGW/FRA, there was approximately 62,000 passengers for the first 4 months of 2007. To be honest, I know if 62,000 passengers is a lot for 4 months, especially if it’s divided up among 4 destinations.

ams their is no route from charlotte to ams

first off its divided by 3 not 4 and second off is that a good or bad thing

correction on my quote: I meant to say I DON’T know if …

clarification for cltflyer: I’m dividing the number of MONTHS, not the number of cities.

Assuming that your native language is English, I’m sure you won’t mind me stating the obvious: you meant to say “there” and not “their.”

Please note that these statistics include all commercial flights between the given cities. Commercial flights include cargo, scheduled passanger, and chartered passenger flights. I didn’t include the cargo flights here.

Obviously you didn’t bother to look up the data yourself so here it is.
The data is for European flights FROM CLT for January through April 2007, the most recent statistics available:
Munich: 13,769 pax on Lufthansa
Amsterdam: 421 pax on US Airways
London: 22,095 on US Airways
Frankfurt: 25,732 on US Airways
Grand Total 62,017

Average (which is the division of the denominator (i.e. the total number of passengers by the numerator (i.e. the numbers of months) which is 4: 15,504.25 per month.

If you take out AMS, the average is 15,399 per month.

Let’s go the other direction now. Here’s the international flights going TO Charlotte:

Munich: 13,935 Lufthansa
Amsterdam: 521 US Airways
Frankfurt: 25,423 US Airways
London: 21,620 US Airways
Paris: 273 US Airways

That comes to a total of 61,772. You can do the math for the monthly average.

i think more people would fly the paris and ams route if we had a direct flight

Airlines have their own market analysts (Either internal or outsourced) that monitor these hard statistics combined other complementary data continuously. If and when there’s a buck to be made, one of them will jump in. For the time being, I guess it’s simply not the case.

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You may get your wish…altough building the gate doesn’t guarantee the flight availability…

Charlotte/Douglas International Airport plans to add a 25-gate international terminal to accommodate the region’s growth and the upturn in the airline industry.

And demand for those gates could come from US Airways Group Inc., which recently announced plans to fly to Colombia from here and appears to have lost a bid for more international gates at Philadelphia.

“We’re experiencing significant growth – period – in Charlotte, in the hub, in the airline industry,” says Jerry Orr, city aviation director.

Since 2002, the number of travelers passing through Charlotte/Douglas has risen 46% to 29.5 million, according to government statistics.

its a few years old but heres a possible master plan for the Clt Airport
i hope they go with it

What more can you ask for? US operates their biggest hub their with 500+ departures.

PHL will always be US’s main international gateway…unfortunately I wish it was Charlotte. Phl is a He&l hole.

However as most airline look to international routes for revenue, you can expect to see an expansion in international routes at both PHL and CLT. I remember reading however that US’s transatlantic routes aern’t doing so hot lately.

yeah i sorta keep up with that on looking at the flights on their website and looking how weel they are filling …not so good

US will probably add some flights from CLT once they get their A350’s. Routes like CLT-CDG are a little thin for the A330’s and they would have to pull a destination from PHL to get another 762. In addition they’d only be getting CLT O&D on that flight since DL is so dominant in that region for International feed.

I don’t think US wouldn’t rely on local O&D traffic for any flight from a major hub such as CLT. There are people who would prefer to bypass ATL and connect through another hub.

Disclaimer: My opinion - not based on fact - based on gut instinct - no formal research done.

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