KwaZulu Natal South Africa


I have been on a little bit of a push here to get some sign ups in this Province and in the image below all the Green markers are members of a WhatsApp group.

The aim of the game is to improve MLAT coverage. The last FlightAware map update still showed none below 10K!

So two things, it would be great to get to know the other feeders in the area and secondly… We all seem to live along the N3 highway, I am assuming getting some friends either side of it to feed would be better than just more along the highway.

Anyhow if you are in KZN and would like to join the Whatsapp group please DM me.


Far be it from me to name names, but if…

Hugo Van Zyl
Chris Rycroft

Updated their FlightFeeders the MLAT might improve no end in KZN.


The first MLAT’s between Pietermaritzburg and Durban reporting this morning so happy days! This corner of Africa is beginning to work properly.


Not the first MLAT, but these flights were not MLAT’ing yesterday


I am billy no mates, speaking to myself but the purple Flightfeeders, need a software update to receive MLAT. It would really help to get our low-level coverage moving.


generally, the flightfeeders that are still on 6.x are with hosts who aren’t responding to email, so…


I thought that might be the case, thanks for making me feel less lonely though :wink: I also noticed today that the new unit in Pietermaritzburg is being switched on and off by the owner, which is a pain. But new FlightFeeders are coming for two of my chums and once they go in the PiAwares will be moved so we will get there in the end!

Could you not zero the scores for the 6.x feeders until they upgrade? That might prompt them to come onto the forums to see why there score had gone.


Are you still FPV’ing :question:



I am Nigel, although my middle son is now much better than me and nicking all the gear.


It’s beginning to work, there were no MLAT’s at all in our Province a couple of weeks ago. We have some in the 20-30k range now and today with my friend Chris joining in went below10k in the Durban area. That’s the bottom right of this image.

More receivers to be planted!


I thought we had crossed paths somewhere in the past :wink:
Good luck.



Indeed Nigel :wink:

Well done TerryFR should you ever pop in here, your software update two days ago has helped no end for local MLAT.


Boom low-level MLAT, not perfect but getting better. Still placing new receivers.


Time is passing and MLAT is happening!

I am quite frankly dismayed that folks that have been sent equipment don’t take the time to find the forum!

There are a couple of new PiAwares in the Province that could do with help from their stats.

Now, how to join up GP and KZN, MLAT below 10k!


Contact me on e-mail abbott{at}lantic. Others users, like me, might not know how to operate the forum etc.


A lot of FlightFeeders where sent in your area! I guess it pays that no PiAware are being built there!


We have more and more PiAwares coming onboard all the time, getting the equipment is difficult here. I personally have 5 piaware setups and one flightfeeder so I don’t reckon that’s too bad as a ratio for the FlightAware guys.


Hi Gary and other friends.

My Kleizee sight is up and reporting to 3drone with the help of Luke. Upington seems to be an obstacle although the guy renting the house reported that his ISP the ports are now open and should work. My house, their ISP sort of a set-up.

One cannot expect from Luke to painstakingly fix each case over TeamViewer. Cannot the Flightaware script be adapted to directly feed to the RSA server as well? Perhaps with an option to “allow this or not” that the new flightfeeder can answer. If he answers yes, it is done automatically. That would simplify our lives.
We could them e-mail the new loader to people, or FA could implement it from their side and cause an Africa-wide reloading and rebooting

My single remaining problem is what IP address to use and how to find it. If doesn’t deliver the right answer, I am confused.


The bloke I found at the shop is still fighting Telkom for an ADSL line. At this stage they tell him no ADSL is available here.


Hi, Henry, the best thing is to keep Luke in the loop. Very cool that we are showing your data now, especially as you are over 1000km from us! There is an easier way using PiAware’s moving forward that is first prize. I think FlightAware should perhaps have an internet test, amazing that chap managed to get a FlightFeeder with no internet connection!

Coverage is coming along


I applaud your perseverance :smiley: .

Easy for those of us in the UK where my stats say “synchronized with 346 nearby receivers” to forget the difficulties of getting MLAT in other regions.

There is probably a PhD up for grabs for researching the differences between regions: interest in aviation, income, political regime, etc