Kuwaiti Airlines


So this flight came into SFO yesterday, i happened to be listening to tower at the time it arrived and i noticed that it is not a regularly scheduled flight and i cant seem to find any return flights. How does the plane get back with out a filed plan, or at least some type history making it back? Not to mention what the heck is it doing here and that it is a looong flight even though the tracker has a much shorter time listed.

flightaware.com/live/flight/KAC8 … /OKBK/KSFO


Typically airlines file flight plans a few hours prior to departure, so it probably isn’t leaving for a little while, thus the FP wouldn’t show up. I’m still working on a reason for it to be there…


I think the OP is refering to the two most recent flights in the plane’s history. There are two seperate flights from OKBK to KSFO with no return to OKBK in between.


Check KAC8116 for a return.


Well, DUH! :blush: