KSKX arrivals "more" page


The KSKX “more” page on arrivals never shows more than one arrival even if dozens of arrivals have taken place over the last week. When support was queried they blew me off by saying that it was due to low activity. This, of course, is not the case as one can see by looking at the current arrivals. In addition, the departures “more” selection works just fine. Sounds more like a configuration problem or bug to me.

Can this be corrected?



Why are you asking the forum? You asked the support people and they gave you an answer. You should be corresponding with them and not taking up bandwidth in this forum.


Sorry – IFR “cancellations” weren’t being listed on that page, only actual “arrival” messages. The behavior was inconsistent with the main airport activity page and has been corrected.


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If a person asks me what to do after he’s already asked the person who can help, then, yes, I would tell him to go back to the original person and don’t bug me. It would sound nicer, of course, in person, because you can’t get the tone of voice my reading. And, regarding emoticons:
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Say what you like. Support wouldn’t deal with it. It got fixed this way. Looks good. And the IFR cancellations rather than actual arrival messages are the rule rather than the exception at hundreds if not thousands of airports in the US – probably more elsewhere.

Anyway – looks like it works great now.




Hmmmm, the OP wasn’t asking for your help specifically…so how could he be “bugging” you?..you chose to view it as your inconvenience. The OP didn’t receive the assistance he asked for from “support” so what’s wrong with trying another avenue? dbaker, a FA staff member recognized that there was in fact an issue and fixed it…Just a question dami, are you a forum moderator? With FA what consitutes a Charter Member?

Yes a written word can be impersonal, but a person’s writing style is very indicative of what would otherwise be an articulated word…Sorry, but your initial response to the OP could very easily be and was interpreted as pointedly direct and rude.

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