KSBP area airliner escorted?


Somebody on my facebook page is wondering about what appears to them to be an airliner being escorted by a military jet and circling the Pismo Beach area yesterday afternoon.
Anybody hear anything?
I’m guessing it was a Citation and a Stearman… :smiley:


New AAL 777 paint scheme with a photography plane (Clay Lacy?), probably looking for a nice backdrop along the coast. Came right over my head at about 3K in a tight left bank, no camera…

flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL9 … /KMHV/KSBD


aha, great. thanks


Not even a smartphone!!! :wink:


Ya, but not on me. Too many times I have tried to run inside to grab a phone/camera to only miss seeing the event for myself. Thought I would change it up a bit…

Can I draw you a picture?


In crayon, please… you have the appropriate colors for the new AA livery??? Better yet, do you know who was on board, why they were on board, where they came from and where they were going after they landed??? HUH??? DO YOU???