KRSW - Airfield Lights out?


i NOTAM was issued after KRSW’s lighting grid suffered catastrophic failure. all lights other than rotational beacon failed.

all non-daylight ops were cancelled. the notam is still showing active.

RSW fix their problem yet? I found out about this my mother was flying outbound to CAK, she called me trying to get a interline jump from DAL to airtran. ( retired 24 year employee for DAL )

im trying to get a status on RSW so she will know if and when to fly back.

this is the actual NOTAM:

RSW 12/001 RSW OBST TOWER LGT (ASR 1200499) 263735.50N0814606.40W
(5.4NM N RSW) 280.8FT (258.9FT AGL) OUT OF SERVICE


The Notam you posted is for an obstruction light five and a half miles away from the airport, not for any of the airport lighting. There may have been lighting issues earlier, but I don’t see any current Notams that concern the airport lights.

And, it looks like they are running airplanes…


oh, i thought that was it… misread the date. my mother called me saying that when sun starts hitting sunset they were shutting down the airfield, because no lights were working