Korean Air 777 - how bad was this landing?

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Looks pretty good til the flare then goes all to hell.

Looked good until the pilot turned off the autopilot. :laughing: Better check that plane over make sure he didn’t bend anything.

Whoo Hooo… Ridem’ Cowboy!

That was some serious PIO. :open_mouth:

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

[Pilot] “What did I bend?”
[Mechanic] “Uhhh. . . The Plane!”

He was definitely behind the curve on that one. :open_mouth:

Just a good thing that wasn’t an MD-11, or else it would have turned turtle like the others that have. It is a little less forgiving to that kind of handling than a 777. (Note, not trying to bad mouth the MD-11)

That is kinda similar to that MD-11 crash… 777 kicks the -11’s butt. :wink:

Maybe he was just really AHEAD of the curve! Or maybe he was an old MD-11 pilot who was doing the bunt, aka “advanced landing technique”.

All he had to do was keep the attitude that he had. But it appears that he tried to make a correction and over controlled BIG TIME.

    • hearing whispers of my first instructor…small corrections son, small corrections…* :wink:

Could the wake from another aircraft cause this???

I did something like that in a Trauma-hawk back in '83, scared the crap out of me!

Wake turbulence could cause an initial upset, and a pilot could overcorrect, then overcorrect the other way, and so forth and so on, but this particular incident seems to be PIO

Goes from bad to worse to “omg-wtf”?


I think I heard my flight instructor in the background, screaming “go around”. Then again, this isn’t exactly a 172.

Wow. That was impressive.

Maybe he saw a spider crawling up his sleeve? Or maybe a snake behind the pedals… no wait… bee in the cockpit :wink:

Or, maybe a squirrel on the runway…then another…and another…

If he was a regional airline pilot, he would slam that squirrel into the ground so he would have something to eat… :unamused:

squirrel on a stick chef2chef.net/recipes/recipe … 2032.shtml

Looks Good! Whooo doggies!!!