Kobe Bryant signs on as Ambassodor for Turkish Airlines

This is an interesting match…

bloomberg.com/news/2010-12-1 … ights.html

Interesting indeed.

I could see this more for Italy than Turkey, as he is fluent in Italian (IIRC, half his childhood was spent there). If they have that much commonality in the language, it just may work.


They are doing a bunch of sports advertising in Europe after signing up as the official airline for Manchester United and, I think, Barcelona FC.

They (Turkey) are aggressively pursuing full membership in the European Union (EU), with their earliest possible entry being in 2013, although there is very little likelihood it will occur as early as as that.

This signing of Kobe is probably an attempt to show that they’re leaning more to the West and Europe than toward their Arab neighbors.

They’ve been a member of NATO since 1952.