KLM B737 departs from taxi way . . .

I heard the comment, ‘If Delta can land on a taxiway, why can’t KLM depart from one?’.

Dutch News (in Dutch)

A quick and loose translation of the major part of the article.

"The aircraft was to take off from the Zwanenburg baan (36C) but took off from the parallel taxiway instead. According to air traffic control the aircraft departed without problems, but without adhering to the procedures.

All three parties involved (KLM, LVNL, Schiphol) will not comment further on the matter.

The incident was reported to the Onderzoeksraad voor Veiligheid (Investigation Board) which will investigate the incident. According to a spokesman, this is a runway incursion and it is classified as a serious incident.

Once again. God had His hands in that! Hundreds could have been killed… :open_mouth:

Or not. Maybe Satan was just busy getting ready for tax season.