Kirtland AFB or ABQ Sunport?


I live near KABQ and I sometimes listen to ATC on a scanner. The airfield is mainly an ANG base, with F-16’s, C-130’s and V-22’s.

However, most of the daily air traffic is arrival and departures of commercial flights that operate out of the airline terminal at the end of the airbase. There is one control tower and civil and ANG t/offs and landings are cycled in between commercial operations at times.

My question is in the tower are there both civil and Air Force controllers managing airline and military air traffic?

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One tower works it all. I beleive if it’s a dual use airport, they are military controllers. (you can always tell when they say “check wheels down” before “cleared to land”)


ABQ Tower is staffed by the FAA.

There are several Joint Use Military/Civilian airports, and the ones I know about are all FAA Towers.

Charleston AFB/INTL is another.


I stand corrected.


Yuma, AZ is a dual use airport, and the tower controllers are Marines.


My correction stands corrected.


If you’re expecting to hear more military ATC, they’re probably operating on the 300+ MHz band. Check out this ABQ link at


There is also several government facilities in that area,so there are also loads of government aircraft in and out of there besides military.