King Air Pilot Wanted...

Someone in Michigan looking for a King Air Pilot. The company is out of Gaylord and I don’t have any other details than the ad I came across in the classifieds.


Just thought I would post this because of all of the layoffs I’m hearing about.

Always appreciated by those! Great Find!

Word is by those familiar with the situation that…the “you get what you pay for” metaphor applies, and there’s much more than meets the eye here.

Could have been worse. They could have posted on Craigslist!!!

LOL :laughing:

Don’t laugh that’s how I found this job! :open_mouth:

What, gay male escort? :wink:

Katherine says “Oh no you didn’t!

Ohhh ohhh ohhh !!! Do I get a spanking now from Deltalina???


Get in line!

(You DO know there’s local talent down at Hunt’s Point you can hire by the hour, right? Of course you’ll have to close your eyes and have a really good imagination!)

No just male escort- ask your mom. she likes the dirty Sanchez.

Yeah, mom’s a freak. Especially after the surgery to become a woman.

So… what would that make you? haha :smiley:


Your son?

i got right seat on a king air once before, kcdw to kmvy IFR in good weather :slight_smile: