KHEG Pilot lands (N175SP) safely on I 10 WB

I am an ARFF firefighter at KJAX and heard about this incident happening across town on Interstate 10 westbound. The aircraft left from KHEG Herlong and soon lost one engine followed shortly therafter by the second. The pilot flew under powerlines and above vehicles on the highway. The pilot and passenger escapes serious injury after the aaircraft skidded to a stop just off the highway near the Publix warehouse. Our ARFF crew at KVQQ Cecil Field sent one vehicle to the incident along with several structural firefighting apparatus and the Hazmat team.

:laughing: :laughing: Dont you just love it…plane is a Cessna 172…thats one hell of a cool looking 172… complete with two fans and an Aero Commander style body!! What was I thinking… :laughing: … tes/page/1

Comments on article are hysterical.

One being

Both engines failed ? ? ? Sounds like contaminated fuel…what’s the pilot runnin…BP ? ? ?

I am pretty sure it is not a cessna, but more like an Aero Commander. Any thought?

:laughing: Every bit of an Aero Commander shipmate.

They probably just Googled the tail number and found it was previously registered to the 172 and decided to use that without checking the number of engines. Got to love their fact-checking.

they must have corrected it. I just read the article and it said

According to Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Lt. Bill Leeper, the plane, a 1957 Aero Commander, took off from Herlong Airport on the Westside, lost an engine while heading west around 8 this morning.

Beech, not so according to the :
A Field Guide to Airplanes (Media Edition)

stealth fighter= b-2
stealth bomber=b-2
blue angels=blue angels
thunderbirds=blue angels
Snow birds=blue angels
J31, metro,dhc-6, dhc-7,dhc-8, sf3,atr, emb-120, etc=puddle jumper or the more pc commuter flight

but yeah definitely a Commander, I saw the photos someone posted a while ago and wondered what the deal was… glad everyone is good!

:laughing: :laughing: classic

Need to add / change the following to this new founded media guide :smiley:

revise prop to small plane=Cessna

Add the following:

Beech = Cessna
Piper = Cessna
Grumman = Cessna
Engine stalled = Engine failure
Airplane stalled = Engine failure
Tarmac = ramp
Tarmac = taxiway
Tarmac = runway

Revision made Tarmac! How did I forget that

The Cessna stalled on the runway as it was ready to take off…


A Beech Sundowner’s (that for you Allen and Beechluver) engine quit after the pilot pulled the mixture lever to shut down the engine. The aircraft was on the ramp at a parking spot.

:laughing: Ain’t life a beech…

Is/are the cause/causes of the engine troubles know yet, or will it take a while for them to determine that?

My money is on jet fuel in the Aero Commode.

Yeah… good bet. Line boy probably never knew a piston Commander ever existed (I only see one once a year maybe)… and thought they ALL were turbines.