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Kernel Panic

I ran an update and full-upgrade on my pi and then got a Kernel Panic on reboot. It is stuck and I cannot do anything. I am not a coding expert, so I rely on forums and websites for help troubleshooting. I booted from a working SD and ran fsck on the piaware SD card. It did not help as I keep getting the Kernel Panic on power-up. I ran into the same problem about a month ago (stupid me for trying an upgrade again, thinking it would work this time). I ended up giving up troubleshooting and wiped the SD card and started from scratch. If there is a way to avoid starting from scratch, I’d like to try that. I have both piaware and FR24 feeding from dump1090. I also downloaded pihole. I was going to configure that, which led me to run an upgrade and now I’m at this point. Thanks in advance for your help.

You’re lacking details.
As the actual kernel panic and the pi hardware version.

If you want to run pihole … maybe don’t start with a piaware sd-card image but Raspberry OS lite instead?
Raspbian Lite: ADS B receiver · wiedehopf/adsb-wiki Wiki · GitHub

Oh pihole usually means mod_alias is missing so the local webinterfaces aren’t working properly, tar1090 fixes that now if you install it when pihole is already installed.
But that has nothing to do with your kernel panic.

I’d probably just for good measure use a physically different sd-card instead of just reflashing.

What does the kernel panic say?
What sdcard image are you using?
What hardware are you using?
Have you tried a physically different sdcard?

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That works without issues. I have this combination running since a few months.
Raspberry OS - PiHole - SkyAware/dump1090

I do not assume that the kernel panic is a result of this setup

Raspberry Pi Model B Plus Rev 1.2
SD Card: 16GB Samsung PRO

I believe the issue resulted from my attempt to full-upgrade, but I don’t know why and don’t know how to undo-it. That’s what caused me this problem about a month ago as well. During the past month, I hadn’t touched anything and the feeder worked flawlessly. I have not tried changing SD cards. I did install an SD card running Raspbian to diagnose the problem SD card. I read somewhere that the issue might be with the partition as the upgrade is larger than the OS partition. But that discussion post was from 2018 and it seemed like there was a fix coming for that.

Another bit of info: I installed pihole, then went to bed, planning to configure in the morning. In the middle of the night, the power went out for a couple minutes. Checked it in the morning and saw the Kernel Panic on the screen. The power went out at 3am, but I already had an e-mail from FlightAware that my feeder wasn’t reporting at 1am. Obviously abrupt power losses aren’t good for the feeder, but it does seem that there was an issue with the feeder before the power outage.

Odd panic. noatime is a perfectly valid mount option, not sure what’s going wrong there.

What sdcard image are you using?

I used the PiAware OS image from PiAware - build your own ADS-B ground station for integration with FlightAware - FlightAware.
I then downloaded the FR24 feeder from the terminal. Both were feeding properly for a month…until I messed with it by running full-upgrade and downloading pihole.

Here are the instructions I followed for my install: https://forum.flightradar24.com/forum/radar-forums/flightradar24-feeding-data-to-flightradar24/11792-beginner-feed-both-fr24-und-fa-with-raspberry-pi-3-model-b-flightaware-pro-stick