Keep Looking Up!


Sometimes the most interesting things fly past:

(Yeah, I know. Marginal photo, but my cell phone was the only camera handy.)


Sometimes they leave their mark… and leave you wondering.


I was in Atlantic City yesterday and saw that blimp zipping along low over the city. I think they sometimes land at the old Bader Field


KACY more likely, Bader (KAIY) is allegedly closed to any and all aviation activity.


Yup I know that. But I still think I’ve seen pictures of the blimp there since it closed


Bader Field was permanently closed on September 30, 2006. However, Stonesurfer is correct about a blimp landing there after it was closed.


I know a bush pilot that frequents this forum that has landed at several closed airport (and on every hwy in Alaska) 8). It’s was kind of cool thing back when he was flying pistons. not so cool now that he flies jets…


Having frequented Atlantic City since I can remember every summer, it always was fun to see the blimps fly along the beach. It was sad, however, to learn about the closure of Bader Field, since only a few months before I soloed for the first time; the closure ended my long held dream to fly to the shore on day trips without having to deal with KACY’s class C airspace. Maybe it means I need an amphib… :slight_smile:


Back in the days before the Casinos existed and ruled the city there used to be a bus that would take you from Bader almost directly to the Boardwalk, cost .25 or .35 IIRC. We’d fly in from TEB on a daylight only day-trip wearing our swimsuits under our flight suits and troll the beach and “Broadwalk” for quail, then reluctantly head for home before sunset. If we missed our takeoff time we’d have to spend the night in begged quarters or, preferably, under the Boardwalk.

The aviation activities over the beach with the banner towers was eye candy, and the occasional visit of the Goodyear blimp was something we talked about for weeks afterward.

Missing our scheduled return would result in a down-check and a month of lost piloting. It was sometimes a VERY small price to pay. :smiling_imp:


I thought I was seeing things last week while looking up in Browns Mills, but then I read of this occurrence: