KE 32 excessively late


Anyone at/working at DFW know the answer?

will be greatly appreciated! :wink:


Which KAL32 are you talking about? Today? Yesterday? Last month?

Yes, I know you are probably talking about today’s flight. What I’m trying to do, bizarrebananablast, is getting you in the habit of linking directly to a specific flight. Once you do that for the flight you are referencing today, I’ll answer your question.


I thought that what I did. :confused: … /KDFW/RKSI

I believe its this flight above. 8)


The problem doesn’t appear to be at Dallas. The inbound flight (KAL31 left Seoul approximately 5 hours later. That caused the outbound flight to be late, although not by 5 hours but 3.5.


Thank you!