kc-135 speed fluctuating continuously? but not with my feed?


I reinstalled my antenna yesterday so i was messing around with vrs today to check my range :slight_smile:
there i noticed a stratotanker… first strange thing was that it showed up on fr24 most of the time as mlat while i had continuous reception (and i’m feeding too) every few minutes my ‘radar’ showed up which caused a position correction.

on fa’s site i noticed that the speed varied between 150 and 1600 km/hr… ?? all the time!

just… my reception seemed to be quite stable ie with speeds between 763 and 797km/hr , quite possibly the correct speed i think.
Now i’m wondering if PiAware messed this up (deliberately or not hehehe )
i have a flightfeeder, i’m not using PiAware. (and mlat is not supported on that!)

flightaware.com/live/flight/FAF4 … Z/tracklog
my feed is EBAW/ANR reception between 12:13 and 12:39 cest