KBWI Spotting Question


I’m going to be staying at a hotel on Elkridge Landing near KBWI. Does anyone know of any good “approved” spotting locations in the area?


Drive out Elkridge Landing road toward the airport terminal. Turn right at the light onto MD 170 south to Dorsey Road MD 176, turn left and travel a couple of miles or so to an airplane spotting area on the right. There is a parking lot, a few benches, maybe a soda machine. You’ll see a steady stream of inbound airplanes touching down on 33L.


Don’t go out of the park boundary to get a better look because the police will be the in short order.

If you want to get close underneath just continue down Rt.176 and get on I97 South for one exit (Rt.174) There is a Walmart shopping center at the end of the exit ramp. The parking lot is on the ILS centerline 1 mile from the runway end which would put the 33L arrivals 300 ft overhead and 15R departures about 600 ft. overhead and making their initial turnout.