IFR flights from KLFT to KSGR used the route: KAPGT SBI MHF1
What does KAPGT mean?


5 letters are intersections or gps waypoints.


…except intersection identifiers are “pronounceable words” and VFR check point identifiers begin with a “V”. I checked AIRNAV.com and found no such fix. This may fall under the category of a “flight plan computer generated waypoint” like “FMYDT” DISCUSSED HERE back in January.


GPS/RNAV waypoints don’t always start with a V. If they do, then we’re in trouble at American Eagle when we use ACITO, ADELL, and ADINA as RNAV fixes out of ORD.


I got confused. I edited my post above: “VFR check point identifiers”.


This sounds like the best answer. I checked the FAA’s Location Identifiers order and couldn’t find KAPGT.

As NeedleNose points out, the 5 character code must be able to be pronounced. Can’t figure out a good way to pronounce KAPGT.


I check the FYYDT post and it’s the same problem.
Thanks for your answers.