Kalitta 827


Just saw something that I thought was a bit odd. I saw Kallita 827 fly over head, not far from 47n with wheels down. After seeing this, I listened to the flight on LiveATC and it landed on runway 4R. There was no mention of a problem. Here’s the flight:

flightaware.com/live/flight/CKS8 … /KLCK/KEWR

Is it normal for the landing gear to be down that far out of the airport for a B742? Last time I remember seeing a heavy overhead with wheels down was a few years ago when a Continental 777 was dumping fuel before making an emergency landing.

Any insight is appreciated.


It would be helpful to know how far 47N is from Newark.


About 25 miles SW of KEWR.


25…wow. I suppose if the flight spoilers were inoperative they could have extended the gear to add drag thus increasing the descent rate. or the crew thought they might have a problem with the gear extension so they started the abnormal procedure early to give themselves plenty of time.step 1 in the abnormal checklist is; gear handle down and lo and behold it came down. You don’t want to bring perfectly good gear up if you suspect a problem so they just continued to the airport. Or the Captain needs new glasses, thought the DME said 2.5 instead of 25.


Thanks for the input.


Personal story you care to share?


Nope, I have new glasses.