JUS General Aviation

When filtered on airport tracking, USA Jet Shows up as general aviation. Could this be switched to airline?

It looks like they’re flying an irregular charter business; we try to draw the line for airline at scheduled air carriers.

If you are going to include only carriers that are scheduled or have regular services then please so indicate in your filter. Perhaps "Airlines that operated according to a schedule) and “all other flights.”

I think “Airline” should include any carrier operating under Part 121, especially those operating large aircraft.

I noticed you do have some charter carriers such as EIA and WOA listed as airlines. Lynden Air Cargo (LYC) isn’t shown as an airline yet it operates scheduled routes - both civilian in Alaska and military charters.

USA Jet flys regular charters on a schedule.
They fly for DirectAir and Tours, they fly my local AZO-MYR route every monday and friday. They also do cargo operations.

Added JUS and LYC to the airline list; give it a few hours.

Both Evergreen (Cargo) and World Airways (Cargo/PAX) have regularly scheduled flights. World Airways having one of the longest flights for an MD-11 (and all aircraft) flying between KIAH & FNLU as World 1000 / World 1001. This flight is also one of the highest load factor flights from Houston.