June 6th 2006

People around school have been talking about the whole 666 thing going on. People say that there not going to school and wouldn’t want to be traveling. My question is do you think that there will be problems with this upcoming event? I know that there are people out there that are thinking of this as the end of the world. Wouldn’t want to be flying with them or any other sick person out there looking for some glory by ruining peoples lives forever by doing something stupid on an airline.


I just looked at the thread title at saw…

Why should there be a problem?

You know the whole idea of the devil. There are some pretty messed up people out there that see this as there day. Just today some girl in my math class was writing 666 and other things about the devil on the desk. There might be some bad things going on.


my magic letters are n-i-t-r-o. Just kidding.

Hey I try to believe in as much faith as I can. Now I don’t go to church every weekend only if there is a wedding funeral or a mass for a person that I know that has died. But there has to be something after death. If the whole God thing is true then there would be a devil. My grandma passed away 2 weeks ago as of yesterday, and she was all about religion i hope she was right and is in a better place ( I bet she has a good view of planes now) But scense she has passed on I try to believe more.

Well, as far as the superstitious part is concerned, it doesn’t bother me in the least. We don’t refer to single-digit years in the single-digit form - we place an “oh” before it. The upcoming date in question is not 6/6/6, it is 6/6/06 - and there ain’t nuthin’ to the number 6606 that I’m aware of! :wink:

Still, there are enough nut-jobs out there who don’t see things that way, and that just raises my personal threat level from green (low) to blue (guarded). I doubt that there’d be any wide-spread chaos anywhere. Probably something more along the lines of isolated cases of animal sacrifices or some black masses in the parks perhaps. It’s just another work day for me and I’ll be out and about as usual. I’ll just have to be sure to keep the eyes in the back of my head open for anything unusual!

NeedleNose beat me to it. I was going to say it is actually 06/06/2006 or some countries put the month in the middle instead of the day, it would then be 06/06/2006.

The only stupid thing to happen on 6 June is the release of a stupid movie. To exapand on what Needlenose said, the date is going to be 6/6/2006.

The point is moot as 6/6 has already passed according to all the ancient calendars that I’m aware of.



Only if all of you guys could tell that to the nuts out there. I will tell you this I walked away from that girl in class and moved my seat from her. :open_mouth:

I sure wouldn’t worry. There was a faction that was sure the world was going to end at the stroke of midnight of the new millenium. The panic of Y2K… Computers were going to die and the whole financial system would collapse. And then…nothing unusual happened. Just stay clear of the wackos and all will be well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Y2k don’t forget about planes falling out of the sky!

There are an awful lot of superstitious people out there. I just heard on the news that Obstetricians are having many pregnant women scheduling cesaereans or, in the very least, to have labor induced, on 6/5, so as not to have a baby w/ such a demonic birthdate. It’s a little too much, if you ask me. One thing’s for sure: Every freakin’ little thing that goes wrong for some people on that day will be blamed on the date. People will themselves into bad events on Friday the 13ths, etc. by worrying too much.

WOW…we live in a world today where idiots will do anything to get attention. I remember back when Y2K first came out and my teachers where shutting all of their systems down…the banks were restructuring their files and the SAMS club was jammed back with people buying generators and bottled water. I remember at the stroke of midnight on 12/31/99 that all i did was laugh and i said well i guess its not the end of the world yet…even if the whole Y2K or this 6/6/06 end of the world thing did happen what time zone would it occur in first? If Japan got destroyed first wouldnt we have a fair warning in the United States? How about instead of crazy people worrying about the devil how bout we remember the WWII veterans who fought on D-Day in WWII. But thats just my $.02 take it easy my friends and good luck with your flight from BNA IPODGUY…take it easy my friends…

Thank you Devo505, and I agree with you the time zone theory completely proves the stupidity of 666, along with the fac tthat it is not 6/6/6, but 6/6/06

There was a lot to the Y2K problem as far as computer files were concerned. A lot of it was blown out of proportion though. Some idiot out there figured if a divice had a “computer” (as all cars do) and kept time (as does the clock on the dash board), then the whole system would fail… :laughing:

The problem would’ve been in distinguishing records with dates from the year 1900 (think about some poor old guy waiting on his social security check that would never come again if the problem was not addressed).

Wouldn’t have been the end of the world as we know it, but it sure would’ve screwed it up for a lot of people!

Adding to the hilarity of the time was the simple fact that the end of the millenium occurred on 12/31/00, not on 12/31/99!

The “first” year would have been considered the year ONE, not the year ZERO!




The “Panic Train” is now boarding!!! (thank you Glenn Beck)

Man kids are wacked out!

Just another superstition! You don’t see any hotels or high-rise office buildings that don’t have a 13th floor, do you?

You do?? Must be bad feng shui then!

the only thing that will happen besides the stupid movie is a bunch of stupid people who think they’re cool because they are (expletive for anus) and will probably do stupid things like egg & tp peoples houses. There are many dates throughout the year that bad things happen more frequently… 4/20, haloween, and maybe more. The only reason that something would happen on 06/06/2006 is because someone is being stupid.

(by the way, as far as superstition goes, Intel was superstitious when they made the pentium III 667MHz.)